Chris Butler


Chris is always a busy bee. She will be on the phone with a client, in a meeting with a different client, emailing another client or even all three in a given busy day. She will always be at your service to answer any questions or help deal with day to day challenges you may encounter and looks forward to sharing her 15 years of HSE experience with you and your team. If you see her in town, say Hi!. She will always greet you with a smile and a great conversation.


Operations Management Technology Diploma

Certified Investigator, Auditor and Facilitator 

Background: Born in Haileybury, ON. Moved to Fort McMurray when she was only 3 years old. This place is her home, and she loves to see it grow.

Pastimes: Spending time with her family: camping, watching a movie or just hanging out.

Likes best about DMS:  Working with wonderful people making it feel like a family, and having the opportunity to share her belief that all companies can achieve HSE excellence.

Jim Butler

Vice President of Operations

Jim is quite the character around here: Always has something interesting to say and never lacks a sense of humor. He knows his way around the HSE world, and is not shy to share his 25 years of HSE experience. He will most likely be out on the field: working, teaching, investigating, consulting, or looking for new ventures. His voice is very particular, so if you hear it, make sure you stop and say hello.


Certified Auditor, Investigator, Facilitator and Trainer

Past member of Oil Barons board of directors

Past coach of the AAA Bantams and Midget hockey clubs in Fort McMurray

Member of one of the regions Mine Rescue team from 1986 till 1991, in that time we won the Provincial rescue competition twice.

Received Life Saving award from Lt Governor

Background: Born in Newcastle, NB. He moved to Fort McMurray at a very young age and is a proud member of the region for over 30 years.

Pastimes: Camping, Golf, Hockey and being a family man.

Likes best about DMS: He gets to do what he loves and knows. Every day will bring a new surprise or challenge that needs to be addressed.

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JOy Duggan

Loss Prevention Manager

Joy can be found out in the field conducting Environmental Health & Safety Program audits and RCA investigations or sharing the word in Leadership training. She brings to DMS an Emergency Management background focusing on emergency communications, business continuity and emergency operations. Past experiences with the IT sector, military, provincial government and HS&E environments has given Joy a solid respect the fundamentals of mitigation/prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.


DNV Lead Auditor

TapRoot- Root Cause Analysis

Emergency Management Certificate, Justice Institute of B.C.

Background: Born in Port Alberni, BC. Living in Fort McMurray since 2011.

Pastimes: Yoga, furbabies and never ending home renovation projects.

Likes best about DMS: The opportunity to share best practices with others to promote continuous learning.