HSE services:

At DMS we develop new and update existing HSE Management Systems to meet the Oilsands Industry, OH&S Regulations and ACSA requirements, along with the necessary documentation that your company requires.

Develop and Update

We work with each client to identify what their needs are while identifying their risks. Dealing successfully with the identified risks and hazards and evaluating their potential impact and developing the appropriate controls.


We guide the client through the implementation of their newly developed or updated HSE Management System. We help our clients understand each element of the program from policies and standards to the documentation, tracking systems, and processes required to manage the program.


DMS can develop and conduct company specific prequal audits. We can create a tool that suits your requirements and helps evaluate your contractors according to your standards.

Prequalification Systems

DMS offers online help to contractors using ISNET, PICS, Comply Works or Canqual. Here at DMS we can administrate each of your online profiles to ensure you have a green flag at all times. We also provide coaching through the prequalification process.

System Support

We can help with any aspect of the HSE program:

     - Creating tracking systems

     - Developing tool box / safety talks

     - Task analysis systems

     - Procedures / practices

     - Action logs

     - Incident tracking

     - Hazard assessment

HSE Managers

Our managers have numerous years of service in the Oilsands working for or with the major clients in the region. They will ensure the entire HSE program is implemented and attend all client meetings to ensure that all HSE tasks are being dealt with in a timely manner.

First class Field HSE personnel

Our HSE professionals include certified CRSP’s and NCSO’s and all our HSE professionals are trained and developed under our program that focuses on the Oilsands and all the services that we provide. They are available to work all shifts and locations.

Loss Prevention Advisors

DMS can provide full support to your company, managing and monitoring the loss management system to ensure it is in compliance with all required activities.

HSE Administration

DMS  can provide full administration support for your HSE Management System. Our industry experienced administrators understand the importance of accurate and time sensitive reporting and work with leadership ensuring these are met.

Field and Management Systems Auditors

DMS provides the following auditing services:

  - Develop audit tools as per your HSE management system

  - We conduct full program or focus audits which can include:

     * Develop actions and recommendations

     * Track actions

     * Follow up training

     * Follow up audits

Certified Incident Investigators

We have investigators certified in SCAT and TAP Root to conduct and write up investigation findings and present to clients.

Health, Safety & Environment in Fort Mcmurray